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Matsch Pro for professionals in the painters sector.

Looking for a job as a painter?
Is painting your passion and are you looking for the right company where you can optimally let your knowledge and qualities come into its own? Then at Matsch Pro you are at the right place to find a suitable job in the painting industry.

Thanks to our years of experience and personal approach, we are a serious and involved discussion partner for almost all construction and engineering companies in the Northern Netherlands. As a result, we have frequently been able to deliver candidates to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our approach is personal, direct and clear. We are happy to talk to you extensively. An open conversation to properly assess what you can do and what you want in your new job or project. Together we come to clear and perhaps innovative insights. Very nice if you want to take a next step in your career! We are looking for a bond with you and our customers. That way we can make a good mat(s)ch!

Check our vacancies  or make an appointment with one of our Matschmakers for a personal introduction.

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Growing in your career means you are seeking knowledge and experience that will push you forward and stretch you into new places